Humanism provides a foundation for building community based on our common humanity.

Here are some of the community activities we are developing in Canberra. If any of these appears interesting to you, or if you think there is another area of humanist community activity we have missed, please get in touch with us. You are welcome to join our society and help build a community.

Join our Meetup group to be notified of upcoming community events, or check our Events page.

Discussion Group

The discussion group meets monthly to discuss issues of the day and general questions in life from the perspective of Humanism.  The group focuses on discussion and encouraging people to develop their own views rather than engaging in dogmatic disputation. Meetings are usually on the first Tuesday of the month at King O’Malleys in Civic. You can check the next topic, time and location on our Events page or be notified through our Meetup group.

 Members Forums

ACT Humanist Society members and those intending to join meet monthly at a member’s home to talk about personal issues and a current topic of interest. The evening includes supper. Meetings are usually on the third Tuesday of the month. You can check the next topic, time and location on our Events page or be notified through our Meetup group.

 Community Outings

Community Outings are held at irregular intervals. They are a chance for Canberra humanists to get to know one another while exploring the attractions of the nation’s capital. Some recent outings have included bush walks, and trips to museums and art galleries. Contact us if you’d like to suggest an outing. Discover the next Community Outing on our Events page or be notified through our Meetup group.

Book Club

The book club meets roughly every two months. Contact us if you’d like to suggest a book to discuss. Find the next meeting on our Events page, or be notified through our Meetup group.

Pastoral Care Volunteering

Humanists can contribute to their community by listening and offering moral support to others in times of stress. Traditionally chaplaincy and pastoral care services have been seen as being only religious in nature. There are several active humanist pastoral volunteers in the Canberra area. We also offer support and advice to people thinking of exploring pastoral volunteering.

Sometimes institutions which have pastoral volunteers will require some form of endorsement from a relevant belief organization before accepting a person as a pastoral volunteer. In such cases ACTHS has a set of criteria it uses to help decide if it will accredit someone. The accreditation criteria can also be used as a guide to develop an individualized program to help a particular person reach a required level to be accredited by ACTHS.  ACTHS will try to help genuinely interested people to reach the required level in such cases. The accreditation criteria are part of ACTHS' Humanist Community Worker Accreditation Criteria and can be viewed here.

If you are interested in becoming involved, or just want to find out more, please use the contact form on this website to get in touch.