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Defend Whistleblowers and a Free Press

  • Parliament House Lawns Capital Hill, ACT, 2600 Australia (map)

The prosecutions of Witness K, Bernard Collaery and David McBride are a gross injustice and a serious danger to our democracy.

Peter Greste says in an article in Saturday Paper, October 5 that a study suggests that 'senior journalist's sources are drying up as they find it increasingly difficult to protect their sources and to guarantee their sources' anonymity'. Professor Clinton Fernandes put the issue succinctly when he says 'national security should be a goal, not an excuse'. These prosecutions should be dropped immediately. The danger of this trend of secrecy, blame shifting, and suppression of the media to our democracy can't be overstated.

Photo: David McBride addressed the crowd

“(It’s not to do with my case)… in Syria – I think it was Amnesty International worked out that the coalition declared we killed 100 civilians in a particular bombing action, and it turned out we had actually killed 1,100 … They achieved this by reclassifying the definition of civilians… by saying anyone above 16 and below 60 is not a civilian, they’re a combatant. And that’s sickening. And that’s us, that’s not the enemy, that’s us.”

Photo courtesy Wage Peace