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Lyndon Storey - Humanity or Sovereignty: A Political Roadmap for the 21st Century. This book proposes a new paradigm of human political justice to replace the current “justice in one country” approach. It forcefully reminds us that our human identity is more important than our national or religious identity and opens the campaign for a new Human Union to progressively replace the nation-state as the primary focus of political activity. See review on Areo Magazine by Callum Golding.

A C Grayling - The Good Book. Published with the subtitle "A Humanist Bible" in the US and "A Secular Bible" in the rest of the world, it is a life guide for secular humanists styled after the Christian bible.

Steven Pinker - The Better Angels of our Nature. How humanism, the enlightenment and other changes have lead to global reductions in violence. A source of optimism and hope for the future!

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