Our Values


We have compassion for all humans and other feeling beings. We strive to understand their point of view, and individual needs. We treat all people with respect and dignity throughout their lives. We believe that, when necessary, they should have easy access to a peaceful and painless death.


When making decisions we use evidence and rational thought to assess the likely impact of our actions. We value the information obtained through scientific research about ourselves and about the world, while realising that, as the sphere of our knowledge increases, so too does our understanding of how much remains unknown.


We believe in the importance of community and act locally to build a global network of Humanists.


We value and respect people for their own sake, and treat them ethically, as equals. We speak respectfully to others even when we disagree. We believe all should have the same rights and opportunities. We respect not only the people sharing the planet with us now, but also future generations, and ourselves.


We believe the strength of humanity lies in diversity. We welcome people of all ethnicities, sexual orientation and cultural backgrounds, and strive to ensure they feel included. We appreciate teachings of love and compassion included by many religions, but refrain from accepting the supernatural dogmas and exclusivity that are also part of many religions.


We value and respect the planet and all the life it contains. We believe a healthy natural environment is essential for the health and well being of the humans living in it. We work to promote and sustain our ecosystem and reduce the environmental impacts of our industrial processes and resource consumption.


We value great works of art, music, literature and architecture regardless of their origin. We support their preservation and believe they should be accessible to all.


Part of being human is making mistakes. When we make a mistake we apologise and do our best to make amends. When someone errs against us we try to forgive.

Banner Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash