The Canberra Humanist Community is actively seeking to support people with a humanist mindset who are interested in volunteering. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us on the contact form. Please briefly list any relevant skills and experiences, as well as what sort of volunteer work you are interested in. If we don't have the ability to personally offer that sort of work, we will endeavour to find you somewhere that does, and the volunteer group will still be available if you wish to use it.

Currently we have the following initiatives:

Pastoral Care

Contrary to the assumptions most people have, pastoral care is not about spreading or reinforcing ideology, nor is it only for organised religion. Good pastoral care respects a person's beliefs, spiritual or non spiritual, and walks with them side by side without judgement to support them to face their current challenges, both in joy and sadness. The Humanist community is currently offering support for all humanists and like-minded people who are interested in becoming pastoral carers.

ACT Humanist Society

The ACT Humanist Society coordinates and runs a variety of humanist activities. The society meets monthly and publishes events and activities here and on Facebook. You can join the Society here.

Volunteer support group

Regardless of where or how you volunteer, it is always better to be supported by like-minded individuals. To this end, the humanist community plans to offer a support group for interested individuals. The group will meet monthly at a date convenient for those interested.