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  • Humanists try to lead ethical and responsible lives without reliance on belief in supernatural influences. They consider that it is possible to build a more humane, democratic society using human capabilities, tempered by critical reason and a spirit of free enquiry.
    — Australian Humanist
  • Humanism emphasizes the role of human agency in developing community and purpose in life. As human beings we have within us the potential for love, compassion, intellectual curiosity, and many other positive things besides. Humanism is the view that humans can build on this potential to build better and more meaningful lives for ourselves, and for others.
    — Lyndon S
  • Humanism is the guiding compass in my life. When I ask myself "How should I behave?", humanism gives me the answer. Starting with respect and compassion for all humans and other animals, I build from there using evidence based rational thought.
    — Mary-Anne C
  • Although I identify as an atheist, to me this doesn't go beyond a simple statement of non-belief. Humanism, by contrast (while also non-theist) provides a positive foundation for living an ethical and meaningful life. I appreciate the way that humanism’s tenets place a trust in human potential and in the ability of individuals to shape their own lives, formulate reasonable and useful values, and accept responsibility towards other people, other species, and future generations. I find it a very hopeful perspective.
    — Debbie C
  • To me, Humanism means taking the ethical responsibility to centre your values on altruism and compassion to all, independent of dogma and regardless of religious claims. This type of humanism applies such value judgments consistently, and is both community-oriented and forward-looking, with the recognition of all life and culture as worthy of consideration.
    — David C

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